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Businesses often see an increase in yearly insurance premiums, due to employees not recieving routine primary care. PrimaCare Direct offers you a solution. PrimaCare Direct is a health membership for primary care. The monthly membership fee is very affordable at only $75 per month. Membership gives employees and dependents primary care access for no additional cost. This primary care access will improve the overall health of your employees and save your business money.

PrimaCare Direct is a cooperative of clinics in Minnesota that want to lower the cost of healthcare to the patient, while focusing on providing exceptional care, centered around wellness. Traditional health insurance programs discourage doctor visits by adding extra costs to each visit (copays) or even accessing insurance altogether (deductibles.) PrimaCare Direct encourages patients to visit their physician regularly to achieve good health outcomes.

PrimaCare Direct covers the majority of medical needs, but it will not cover all medical needs. A major medical plan is needed for the uncovered services, hospital and specialty care. When you pair PrimaCare Direct with a major medical plan, it meets the Federal requirements of the ACA.

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